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Malcolm Speedie is an HRIS Applications professional.

My primary focus on HRIS but have a strong talent with Azure, Payroll, Workflow, Approvals, APIs and generally finding a way to get things done. I also am a people person so what could be a better fit?

Take a look at my resume (MS word version here).

Take a look at me on linked in Malcolm's LinkedIn Profile, be sure to check out my references.

I love this U2 song and added some bits that came to mind as I sing it in my car MLK respun.

Proof that I have arrived: Oracle Owner?

This is an old photograph of me in my great kilt. It is a pain to prepare, but actually very comfortable. Click the photo to see how a great kilt is put on. I am also wearing a linen shirt, calf high wool socks, wool beret and buckled shoes.

Malcolm in his Kilt (click to get more info on great kilts)


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